Oh my... it was MAGICAL!

Oh my... it was MAGICAL! I daydream about it now and it almost doesn't feel real. It was THAT WONDERFUL! I cannot thank you two enough for everything. Really, I have nothing but praise for the two of you and for your beautiful venue. All we have heard from everyone was how exceptional everything was. And I really loved the ceremony in the atrium. That rain was a blessing in disguise and it left just in time for the parade!

I hear the food was incredible as well (only wish I had eaten some of it... too busy talking, dancing, and drinking).

Darlene, you were steps ahead of us, you took care of every single bit of every single thing, and you do so with ease and class.

Steve, you were kind and genuine and made everything easy going for us as we could imagine.

I'm sad it's over, to be honest. But as for myself ad from what I hear from everyone else, no one who was there will ever forget the amazing celebration night at Rosy's. With all my heart, I thank you.

We just got back to town a few days ago and are slowly touching base with reality again. We don't have any pictures yet, but I will be certain to send you one. And I will also share my magical experience and love of you two and Rosy's on each of the site you email to me. I hope this finds the two of you well and happy. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

Love, Daynia

Elena Walkermain