Menus & Pricing


Beverage Service Packages

(included in Wedding Packages) 


Skyy Vodka
Beefeaters Gin
Bacardi Rum
Captain Morgans Rum
Malibu Rum
Jim Beam Bourbon
Dewar’s Scotch

Seagrams 7 Whiskey
Jose Quervo Tequila
Southern Comfort
Bud Light
Miller Lite
Bel Creme De Lis Pinot Noir
Coyote Creek Chardonnay


All Mixers and spirits to include: Amaretto, Coffee Liqueur, sweet and dry vermouths, Herbsaint, Flavored Liqueurs, Angostura and Peychaud’s Bitters, Juices, Sour Mix, Bloody Mary, Margaritas, Soft Drinks


(add $7 per person plus service and tax) 


Ketel One Vodka
Tanqueray Gin
Bacardi Rum
Myer’s Rum
Makers Mark Bourbon
Dewars Scotch
Glenlivet Scotch
Crown Royal Whiskey
Jameson’s Irish Whiskey

Jose Quervo Tequila
Don Julio Tequila
Abita Amber Beer
Heineken Beer
Bud Light
Miller Lite
Bel Creme De Lis Pinot Noir
Coyote Creek Chardonnay


All Mixers and spirits to include: Amaretto Di Saronno, Kaluah Coffee Liqueur, sweet and dry vermouths, Herbsaint, Flavored Liqueurs, Angostura and Peychaud’s Bitters , Juices, Sour Mix, Bloody Mary, Margaritas, Soft Drinks


Rosy’s Jazz Hall reserves the right to refuse service to any guest or patron in accordance with State and local laws. This includes age parameters or service of highly intoxicated guests.



Marques de Gelida Cava $15 Bottle, $180 Case of 12
Spanish Cava, very dry and surprisingly complex. Yes, it’s actually vintage dated which is extremely rare with any sparkler at this price. It is made in the traditional methode Champenoise (i.e. second fermentation in bottle, not tank) which can also be hard to find at this price.
Stellina di Notte Prosecco $15 Bottle, $180 Case of 12 
A light, not too sweet, not too acidic sparkling wine. Imported from Italy, this is great on its own or mixed in cocktails – The “because-you-don’t-need-a-reason-for-bubbly” bubbly! 
Scharfenberger $20 Bottle, $240 Case of 12 
The return of an old favorite of mine from California. It was started in 1981 in Mendocino and a few years ago was sold to a large producer who renamed it Pacific Echo and changed the wine. The estate was recently purchased by Roederer who are getting the original people involved again and are changing the name back to Scharfenberger. An Excellent Value.  
Roederer Estate Brut NV, Anderson Valley $25 Bottle. $300 Case of 12
In a class by itself in California. Run by the Louis Roederer family from Champagne (they make Cristal) this is consistently one of the great domestic sparklers.    Rich, full bodied and a little creamy it still has bright acid and lots of complexity. 
Nicolas Feuillatte Premier Cru Brut NV $30 Bottle, $360 Case of 12 
A large consortium of growers got together and are now making their own champagne. It comes only from Premier Cru vineyards and is the great value in true French Champagne these days. Lemon, citrus, a hint of cream, this style is fresh, racy and intense but the bubbles and acid are soft and elegant. So it’s a great sipper and lighter food style. 
Louis Roederer Brut Premiere NV $40 Bottle, $240 Case of 6
The house that makes Cristal. This is a big, yeasty full bodied True French Champagne.  
08-Arte de Vie-Rosys.jpg

General Venue Fees, Guidelines & Policies



All Events have a MINIMUM of 75 Guests

Ceremonies have a MAXIMUM 200 Guests

Receptions have a MAXIMUM 300 Guests


Venue Rental Fee Waived
for any Friday or Saturday Wedding of 200 Guests or more
and any Sunday Wedding of 125 or more

Friday 75-99 guests $2500
Friday 100-149 guests $2000
Friday 150-199 guests $1000
Friday 200+ guests Fee Waived
Saturday 75-99 guests $3500
Saturday 100-149 guests $2500
Saturday 150-199 guests $1500
Saturday 200+ guests Fee Waived
Sunday 75-99 guests $2000
Sunday 100-125 guests $1000
Sunday 125+ guests Fee Waived

Venue Rental Fee will be adjusted based on final Guest Count.
Holiday and Mid-Week rates TBD based on Guest Count.


Indoor Atrium Ceremony $1150
Includes seating for 46-50 guests, standing room for up to 160 additional guests, indoor balcony viewing, bridal dressing area, and ceremony rehearsal
Courtyard Ceremony $1150
Includes seating for 50 guests, standing room for an additional 150 guests, bridal dressing area, and ceremony rehearsal. Optional rental of additional 50 chairs for patio $150

Rehearsal will be scheduled on the day before wedding.

Rehearsals start no later than 4:00 pm depending on Rosy’s Jazz Hall event schedule.


  • Bride and bridesmaids only will have access to Rosy’s Jazz Hall one hour prior to ceremony.

  • All formal photos are taken after the ceremony. No formal photos will be allowed prior to the Ceremony except as follows:

  • Bridal photos may be taken in the Bridal dressing area with bridesmaids, getting ready shots, first look, etc.

  • Grooms and Groomsmen photos can be taken before Ceremony by the main bar.

Sheriff’s Department Deputy $200
Required for all Events. The Detail officer will station outside and assist guests by answering questions, directing them to available parking and managing any hired transportation such as limos or busses.
Optional Additional Parking Area $200
Rosy’s has use of an off-site parking area that is one half block from the venue. There is no fee for guests to park, however an additional uniformed deputy is required. 


Brides may bring in decorations that follow the guidelines below and Rosy's will set them up for you.

  • Floral arrangements have been fully assembled and ready for display when delivered. Table Centerpieces have been fully assembled and ready for display when delivered. Clients may provide a few photos for display and Rosy’s Jazz Hall will handle placement and set up. Typically there is room enough for as many as 5-6 photos on our display table.

  • If you have additional décor items, you may be able to arrange for your licensed florist to set them up for you but non insured parties will not be allowed to set up their own items

  • Clients bringing in personal items such as guest book, pens, champagne flutes, cake knife set or photos should bring these items to Rosy’s Jazz Hall the day before if possible. Rosy’s Jazz Hall will handle placement and set up. Clients should plan on loading out all gifts, personal items, flowers and decorations at the conclusion of the event. Florists may leave larger urns, pillars, etc and coordinate with Rosy’s Jazz Hall for convenient pick up time. No glitter or confetti of any kind is allowed. Sparklers or Bubbles are allowed outside only. Aisle runners, when desired, need to be installed by a licensed, professional florist.


Remember, due to insurance requirements and other factors, decorations other than those listed above, will need to be set up by your florist or other insured company.



  • All bands and DJ’s need to provide their own sound equipment.

  • Band leaders or DJ’s are responsible for all announcements including introductions, first dances, cake cutting, bouquet toss, garter toss and money dance.

  • Let your band leaders know that Rosy’s Jazz Hall will have a coordinator at the event who will guide these events throughout the evening and work with them to make sure everything runs smoothly.

  • Make sure that you discuss in detail exactly what you want for your first dance, parent’s dance and bridal party dance, if desired. You should also tell them exactly how you would like to be introduced. We will make sure that we all have the correct information and everything goes how you have planned it.

  • When hiring a local “bar band” or brass band you should be even more specific with these bands about the announcements, and equipment needs. They should also be prepared to play recorded music for band breaks and special dances.

  • If you plan to use an iPod for breaks or first dances, make sure the band has the correct plugs. If you plan to use an iPod for any other music including Ceremony music you would need to arrange for the equipment as well as someone to set up and run it as needed.

  • When hiring a Second Line band, please be sure to let them know to communicate with Rosy’s Jazz Hall regarding specific start-stop times.

  • When hiring a DJ for an outdoor ceremony, make sure to let them know that they will need separate equipment set up for outdoors.

  • If you plan on hiring a photo booth, let the company know that they will be placed outside, on the patio. In the case of rain, we will move the booth inside to the atrium, however; you will lose up to 3 or 4 seating tables, depending on the size of the booth. You should ask your company if they have a smaller booth which would take up less space. If so desired they may want to bring a light pop up tent or covering in case of light rain or drizzle.

  • Those that require being inside without negotiation should not be hired.