"Rosy's was simply the best!"

Thanks again for helping to make our wedding so special and memorable!!!


"Rosy's was simply the best, most magical experience that we could have hoped for. My (now) wife and I picked Rosy's for our wedding/reception venue after scouting other NOLA locations, and boy did we make the right choice!


We had about 110 people at our event, and they all had a blast. Literally, EVERYONE we talked to told us it was the "best wedding they'd ever been to." No exaggeration.


In fact, we heard this even from the twenty-somethings in the audience, most of whom have attended at least 7 weddings per year for the past couple of years. So, if they said "best ever" that is a powerful statement. And the reason it was the best is because of Rosy's and specifically because of Steve & Charlene. 


Working with Steve to pick the date and plan the menu was relaxed, smooth, and enjoyable. Working with Darlene to coordinate the event itself was AMAZING. Darlene is empathetic but practical and wise. She helped us make great decisions and talked us out of some potentially clunky ones.


Darlene is the firm-but-loving guiding hand that every important event needs. She loves her job and after you work with her you will love her and feel like she's your friend (which she will be). Plus she's funny (I laughed out loud at least seventeen times).


Oh, and the food was exquisite. That's Steve's specialty, and you can tell it's a labor of love for him. People in New Orleans know good food, and all of our guests talked about how wonderful the food was. So that's another reason to have your event at Rosy's. 


In short, everything was incredible from the moment we met with Steve about possibly having our wedding there until we walked out basking in the glow of an epic gathering that will live on in our memory forever."

Rosy's Jazz Hall Zweibaum